iq 68

  1. Kizaru

    La Hawla. Imagine dividing your reliogius obligations for clans

    Any of the lads who said clans arent primitive and outright low iq got things to reconsider. We need a war against this clan BS. Its actually a cancer among us
  2. CaliTedesse

    so the IQ test

    Does it really determine someone intelligence? I don't believe so. Btw I never took a IQ test but for the price of a real IQ test I don't think it's worth it unless you can actually use the result in a job interview. Hello my name is Cali btw I have a IQ of 110. So can you use it in a job...
  3. Prince Abubu

    Intellectual inferiority of somalis

    This myth really needs to die. Every moderately intelligent Somali male student who studied got top marks in my old school, beating all the Asians and Cadaans. I rarely studied, and even when I did, I studied the night before. Somalis are intellectually lazy, not retarded. Somali parents fail...
  4. H

    Eritrea average IQ is 85 ?

    Has there been a mistake or something. Eritreans aren't any different than horners. Also Kenya has an average IQ of 80 which is quiet interesting and Sierra Leona average IQ is 91 lol