1. Shadow-san

    How bad company ruins marriages.

    This video is a little long, so here's the summary: A mother of 5 with a great husband, all her kids are either past highschool or are in the middle of it. Gets a mid-life crisis because all her kids are all grown up and has nothing to do. Her amazing husband tries to console her and gives her...
  2. Odkac WRLD

    Extremely foul shit I heard today

    Alright so I have 4 siblings Two older sisters, and a younger brother. I’m the 3rd kid.. (Side note: When my aabo found out I was going to be a boy he bought her gifts kkkkk) anyways my older sister is a lil bit older than me and she has this cadaan friend. This cadaan girl and her were talking...
  3. Prince Abubu

    I've just heard the nastiest story

    Apparently there was a couple who got maried in Hargeisa and the girl only had one bridesmaid for some reason. The bridesmaid was a full on Niqabi ninja and allegedly there is a tradition where the bridesmaids stay and look after the bride for a few days after the wedding. Well the husband was a...