1. G

    Should the North dissolve SL?

    Real talk. No tribalism. Should the North meet with the South on dissolving both RSL and FGS or creating a new entity SUPERIOR to both SL and FGS? So both FGS and RSL continue to exist for the south and north, respectively under a new union government?
  2. Puffin Stuff

    Death in Damascus

    “You are currently in Damascus. Death knocks on your door and tells you I am coming for you tomorrow. You value your life at $1,000 and would like to escape death. You have the option of staying in Damascus or paying $1 to flee to Aleppo. If you and death are in the same city tomorrow, you die...
  3. Cumar

    Official Somaliland Independence Day Thread, 2018

    I am posting this thread early since May 18 celebrations will be held early this year due to Ramadan beginning next week. I'd like to encourage all Somalilanders on SSPOT to post any related content to the Independence Celebrations. I would like everyone to keep this a positive and respectful...
  4. lalayariis

    Puntland should become independent

    it’s been almost 30 years and the south still can’t get it’s shit together. I think Puntland should just go independent and only join back if there is a working government that fixed its issues. It’s not like they are even run by the southern government. That way we can stop Al Shabab from...