1. Cam

    Muslims suspend imam who wedded fellow man in Uganda

    Muslims suspend imam who wedded fellow man Shortlived. Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba with his ‘bride’ on their wedding in Kayunga District two weeks ago. PHOTO BY FRED MUZAALE Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba, the Imam of Kyampisi Masjid Noor mosque in Kayunga District, has been suspended from his...
  2. Cityviews

    BEENTA ADUUNKA: Arab Shaykh says its HARAM for Somalis to leave SOMALIA

    In this video, a Canadian Arab Sheikh shows his ignorance by declaring it is against Islam for a Somali to escape poverty/earn Independence by going to Canada for a limited amount of time. But he lives in Canada and makes a living, and supports syrian refugees
  3. DRACO

    Imam zoomal aka Rkelly(possibly) !

    imam on twitter preaching Atheism . Goes by the name imam zoomal lmao. @R.Kelly Are you behind this :farmajoyaab:
  4. warculus

    History of Sheikh Xasan Barsame. Resistance of the South

    Sheekh Xasan Barsane “ ( 1853 – 1927 )Sheekh Xasn Sheekh Nuur Sheekh Axmed oo lo yiqiin Sheekh Xasan Barsane wuxuu dhashay sanadka markuu ahaa 1853, wuxuuna ku dhashay tuulada loo yaqaan Ubaadi oo u jirta qiyaas ilaa 68Km magaalada Jowhar, Gobolka Shabeelaha Dhexe, Soomaaliya. Hooyadiis...