1. Invader

    Why Puntland is contradictory.

    These people haven't even read the constitution and dispute areas that weren't their pre-1991 areas.:mjlol:
  2. Helios

    The Neo "Traditionalists"

    Why are so many Faraxs out here preaching purity in the General section and are quick to bash a "Dh1lo" when they spot one yet they're posted up in the NSFW section??? What's up with that?? Do you just want a submissive xalimo and you're trying to dodge your obligations as a man? Come on now...
  3. A

    Macminded the hypocrite!!!!!!!!

    The guy is talking about that incident That happened in Minneapolis last year when the girl Hafsa got her goons to beat on the kid who stole money or something from her. He saying they shouldn't be doing that to a Somali and they deserve jail in their upcoming jail but his last case he stabbed a...
  4. Prince Abubu

    Why? Just Why?

    Wearing a Xijab with leggings. What's the point covering your head, if your booty's going bliq bliq? These Muslim girls are fitna...:ohlord: