1. S

    A 7-year wait

    :yacadiim: I got to thinking maybe I should make a disclaimer for all who wish to court me that you must wait for 7-years of no touching in the lead up to consummation. As a caveat, he cannot date/marry any woman during this period and must remain 100% celibate. No cheating even with...
  2. G

    Sophisticated appreciation thread.

    Lady Sophisticated deserves respect and appreciation on this forum. Not only is she witty but also really smart Mashallah. She will ruffle ashy Abdis feathers while diagnosing them with some sort mental disorder. Hear hear for lady sophisticate.
  3. Waxwaalan

    Geeljires too obsessed with game of thrones.

    Why are so many of ya'll so into this white show :what: I got the fix ya'll. Insecure. The men are foineeeee:whew: