1. Killamenace78

    What do you think about FGM ?(Interview in Burco 🇸🇴)

    I’m noticing most people oppose the Fircouni but don’t mind the Sunni how does this compare to the rest of Somaliweyn 🤔
  2. Killamenace78

    The World does not respect HSM 🇸🇴

    This is a video of HSM waiting like a delivery man 2013 London :pachah1:
  3. Killamenace78

    Kenya Airways 🇰🇪 Returns To Somalia 🇸🇴 After 4 Year Absence

    After nearly four years, Kenya Airways has resumed flights to Mogadishu, Somalia, following a bilateral air services agreement. The airline will offer three weekly flights between Nairobi and Mogadishu, with plans for further regional expansion in 2024. Somalia's improved security situation and...
  4. Killamenace78

    Normalize calling it the Somali peninsula 🇸🇴 Not the Horn of Africa

  5. Killamenace78

    Somali men need to stop cosplaying as Khaleejis

    I get second hand embarrassment when I see this mfs pulling up in a full khaleeji fit they think it’s a religious clothing when it’s not it’s cultural to the gulf Arabs even Levantine don’t wear it and other Muslim Arabs 🤦🏽
  6. Killamenace78

    No one won the Ethiopian–Adal War (Futuḥ al-Ḥabash)

    The real winners are the Oromos they took advantage of Somalis and habesh fighting holy wars before After 😔 One day this land will return to the rightful owners
  7. Killamenace78

    Iranians Name A Country They Don't Like

    a lot of Arab hate I’m seeing what country do you guys hate and why ?
  8. Killamenace78

    MN District Grants Opt-Out From LGBTQ Curriculum To Somali 🇸🇴 Families

    MN District Grants Opt-Out From LGBTQ Curriculum To Somali Families (MN) The Liberals are going crazy in the Reddit 💀 In my opinion if parents don’t want their kids learning about certain stuff it’s their choice to opt out why do liberals want people to be forced to learn certain things like...
  9. Killamenace78

    Rare colorized historical Somali pictures 🇸🇴

  10. Killamenace78

    Somalia 🇸🇴 fertility rate and population since 1955

    Does anyone know why it’s declining since 2020 ?
  11. Killamenace78

    Are ex muslims still considered Somalis? Poll Vote

    Just a quick poll nothing else :hillarybiz:
  12. Killamenace78

    Comparison between Af Somali and ancient Egyptian language

    Not mine just found it Comparison of Egyptian-Somali Vocabulary: "The language of ancient Egypt belonged to the Hamitic group...Surviving Hamitic languages are spoken across a large part of North Africa and include Somali." (The english language ,A Historical Introduction," by the british...
  13. Killamenace78

    When did Somali people become an ethnicity?

    Does anyone know where I can read this Main question: how many years ago did Somali people become an ethnicity Some other questions I have 1.when did we branch out from other Cushitics like oromos and afar ? 2.which ethnicity were we 4500 years ago when the land of punt was a thing ...
  14. Killamenace78

    Did You Know? Ethiopia 🇪🇹 and Kenya 🇰🇪 Have a Defense Pact Since 1963? Against Greater Somalia 🇸🇴

    Ethiopia and Kenya have a bilateral defense agreement. It's called the Kenya-Ethiopia Defence Pact, and it was signed in 1963. This agreement has been renewed several times over the years, most recently in 2017 the main purpose of the pact was to deter and respond to potential aggression from...
  15. Killamenace78

    Colorized Historical Pictures

  16. boyaboy1212

    How did Qabil start was it always here?

    So today a major problem within the Somali community is qabil can someone explain its history it is said Somalis are 8-10k years old did we always have qabil or is it something that started perhaps after Islam ?
  17. boyaboy1212

    According To studies this is how the average Somali Looks

    Do you guys agree ?
  18. boyaboy1212

    Ajuran Empire: Hydraulic empire

    Can someone provide some sources to read on this very interesting topic
  19. boyaboy1212

    Doing a video on all land controlled by Somalis

    Please give suggestions so far I have the East African coast and Mozambique (Sofala) Northern Madagascar Coast Majority of Ethiopia because of the Adal and some parts of Maldives is this it ?
  20. boyaboy1212

    Why is the bantu expansion rarely spoken about?

    During these expansions bantus killed and raped thousands of people to this day they still eat Pygmies in Congo Bantu