1. Internet Nomad

    CULTURE Istunka

  2. Marshall D Abdi

    Land of punt + Macrobians= Horn of africa

    Most detailed edited video about land of punt :lawd:
  3. Sixiroole10

    Does anyone have a pdf for Futuh Al Habesh

    Im looking for an English pdf version off Futuh Al Habesh. I would greatly appreciate it if someone did and could post it on here. Thank you
  4. pablo

    Origin of the word somali?

    When was this name first mentioned in any writing and by whom? also what were we calling ourselves before then or what were other people were calling us?
  5. S

    Birth of a Nation (Historical documentary of Somalia)

    Mashallah look at the unity of the Somalis back then :salute: I don't usually tag people but this is worth sharing
  6. Prince Abubu

    LANGUAGE Somalis should adapt Ancient South Arabian Script

    1) We need an indigenous script that isn't Latin based. I'm tired of the ugly double vowels in Somali. It looks less like a language and more like a series of animal sounds. 2) South Arabia has had strong economic, historical and cultural ties with the horn for millennia. The script was used in...