1. SonOfMaverick

    Hate Crimes Are Increasing

    This Somali woman was attacked in broad daylight. I noticed most of the victims are women and the only reason why it’s happening to them is because their wearing these tents and niqabs. I only see Somali women and girls wearing these. Arab, Turkish, and Iranians aren’t targeted or bullied...
  2. S

    CULTURE somali women dress/hijab 1980s

    hey guys im really confused and need help on this topic. I want to know why wearing hijab today in somalia and among somalis is such a big deal whereas back in the day 1980s and prior hijab wasn’t really worn like that im really curious as most of the older vintage pictures are of somali women...
  3. G

    What do you think of Somali girls with no hijab?

    Very random question but what do you guys think of Somali girls with no hijab (but she's not showing skin or anything)? Do you automatically think negative thoughts (like Somali girls with hijab are better than them etc?) Im not trying to start anything, I just always wondered what the younger...
  4. T

    Women do you wear a hijab in public

    Do u or not
  5. Daacad90

    Fellow xalimos, sidee uu lebisataa?

    1: 2: 3: 4: 5: No hijab at all How do you dress? And for faraxs how would you like your spouse to dress? @strawberrii , @Gibiin-Udug , @Zaara , @General Asad , @Sammo , @Basra , @Céleste , @Saredo , @Gambar , @KingSolo , @Hani Malab @CaliTedesse , @Tukraq , @Samaalic Era ...
  6. S

    Why you shouldn't feel guilty about taking off the hijab

    1; You never chose this in the first 2; It's okay to change your mind 3; You can't control others, all you can do is control yourself 4; You don't want to have bidaar at age 25 @Reiko :damedamn: Anyways in this Q & A taking off the hijab, guilt after leaving islam, burden of being the eldest...
  7. ArchBishopofAtheism

    Religion is Free Speech and Nothing More

    Free speech comes with obvious restrictions. For example you are not allowed to threaten people or commit perjury in court. Your employer might ask you to cover up offensive tattoos or avoid profane language, and should you refuse, he/she can discipline you. The same thing should apply to...
  8. Jeesto

    Thicc Hijabi

    :whew: :damedamn::wow1: :whoo::diddyass:
  9. abdale


    I find it hilarious siilaanyolaugh