1. IGotDaAnswers

    It’s just a heavy hearted joke, calm down.

    be weary brothers , they cover their envy with jokes. Don’t trust them
  2. L

    Can't Hold Me Down!!

  3. T

    The most racist comment section on youtube

    read the comments and you will get pissed by the sheer racism in the comment section
  4. S

    I’m getting married.

    So a lot of you guys don’t know anything about me but anyways, i’m getting married. He and his family (except his mom) actually asked for my hand yesterday, so that’s why I was busy :trumpsmirk: Anyways my family is very happy and thrilled since they really like him, he’s very nice and...
  5. L

    What is Your Favorite Part of Somalispot?

    What is your favorite part of Somalispot? My favorite part of these forums is the IGNORE function! Fool me once, shame on you ...!