1. strawberrii


    So I trimmed my hair today but I am no expert in it and I’m haphazard with it too. It doesn’t look so bad but I think it’s just because my hair is curly. If I were to straighten it then it’d probably be very uneven. Also the back of my hair is shorter than the front and it’s bugging me :icon...
  2. Odkac WRLD

    Real geeljires soo gala

    I am going to give myself a haircut tonight. I got the machine and scissors. Why do I need barber, I’m the barber. I’ll probably lower the top, sides, and back and give myself the nicest line up.:ahh: Have any of you cut your own hair before? And are any of you getting barbers to come to your...
  3. Genesisx72

    Best haircut/styles for Somali guys?

    I was wondering what type of haircut should I get, and what type of hairstyle do you think looks good for a Farax? :hmm:
  4. DRACO

    Hargeisa Haircuts SHARIAH patrol!

    police in a part of Hargeisa have started a 'haram (unethical) haircut' removal campaign :mjlol:. They detain and shave the heads of men who have long hair or a unethical haircut! This is result of too much peace & time on their hands:drakelaugh: . I need to go to hargeisa and advise...