1. Strawberry

    wear Somali cultural clothes Eid 2023

    I believe it's about time we really started wearing our culture's clothes during Eid. Men, women, and children need to practice this. It astounds me to see other cultures celebrating Eid while we wear Arab, British, or American attire. How is that possible? hiiran website! Meanwhile, we'll be...
  2. Daacad90

    I've finally learnt how to tie guntiinos

    As a child I remember being perplexed watching my mum tying her guntiino. It was hard at first, I started with safety pin and climbed my way up. I always felt like it was a rite of passage.:liberaltears::lawd::mjswag: Now I can tie a guntiino without safety pins or wardrobe...
  3. Sixth

    Grown ass women loving diracs.

    Ufffff it turns me off! Naag intaas leeg oo sharaf leh oo waxaan ku idhi ilaahay caqli iyo caafimaad siiyay dirac jecel. Akhaasnahhhhuffffff