1. Boogie

    Man gets shot by wife's hitman 9 times, survives

  2. Guts

    Subxanallah Somali guy With Gun...

    Some north american ciyaal suuq somali guy pointed his gun at his mom while she was driving. This waliid caasi made his mom jump out of the car with fear just for some likes. The funny thing is that no1 gave this guy any likes. @Reiko @Knowles @Mercury @Libaaxseendheer @Karim What would you...
  3. S

    All Somalispot gunowners please join the discussion and add positivity

    I joined a hunting club in Uni and have since then had my gun license, where we hunt dear in the specific hunting seasons :) I've also killed rabit, ducks and other flying creatures :) How many have tried hunting before or want to? @Axmed Xaaji @DuctTape
  4. A

    Why are Somalis such parasites?

    I am never again hanging around Somalis in my life they leech off you like a parasite, extort the shit out of you if they know you have money. Try to use you in every way possible and just suck the life out of you. Somalis are lazy, uneducated, they don't want to work. I am full Somali and I...
  5. HalyeeyQaran

    This photo chillingly depicts the state of Somalia and its future

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words.:wow::meleshame: Can we save Somalia before it's too late?:mjcry: Discuss.