1. MariaMaria

    Have you guys met any celebrities?

    Only celebrity I have met and had a long conversation with , is Tom Hardy. He was soo sweet :lawd: I was doing a charity fundraising job on the street 2 winters ago, he asked me if I was cold and offered me a hot drink :kendrickcry:but Wikipedia be lying , that man is nowhere near 5'9 :hemad: he...
  2. Lily

    what are your thoughts on sspot members?... my thoughts on some are

    this person has amazing sense of humour.... they make you feel like you are best buddies with life this person makes me even click threads with shii title just to read their comments... I feel like I'm subscribed to their comments and I haven't missed a single one this person is legit...
  3. Mercury

    Do you Watch Game of Thrones?

    Since Season 6 is gonna start on Sunday id like to see how many here Watch it