1. OffTheDome

    The Greatest Shooter in the History of the Game drops 62!

    Unreal performance from Steph Curry tonight 62 points 5 rebounds 4 assists 18/31 FG 8/16 3PT 18/19 FT The rumors of his demise are greatly exaggerated
  2. 486th President


    I’m new on this forum but I’ve heard lots of people saying that she’s secrtley @Asli welcome back little homie @Qali :coolphone:
  3. 486th President

    Nafiso Qalanjo Appreciation Thread

    Wallahi she is a true quenn her posts get me all the the time especially her edits and memes keep it up saaxiib you deserve a custom tag under your name just like @Basra maybe get more post and you’ll have a custom tag one that says “Meme Quenn” oooh Wallahi your a goat certified :lawd...
  4. 486th President

    Asli/Igafuuq Appreciation Thread

    I didn’t realize until you left how active and funny you were we need more members like her I realized the females on this site are making it active @Asli thanks for all the wonderful post and messages and threads we appreciate you saaxiib and now you’ll be sent with respect you a real nigga...
  5. Karim

    Let's play a GAME.

    Look meticulously at this beautiful goat then close your eyes for 4 seconds and post the name of the person that came to your mind. (That person could be a sspot member, celebrity, politician etc).
  6. R

    The Man who saved Eid - Trump orders houses of worship to be opened

    Coming in clutch for Eid, he loves the Moslems :ahh:
  7. Adheer Warsame

    Cyclops goat in Yemen

    knowing the behaviour of these desert Bedouins, I can safely assume that the goat is infact his offspring.