1. S

    GENETICS Sophisticate's 23andMe DNA Results (Aden Yonis)

    [New update as of Oct 2020 - I am 100% Somali)] These are not my actual results but by the closest male proxy. I at least know my MTDNA is N1a. For clarification, I am the first Aden Yonis of Samaroon Siciid to do the test and here are the results. As a caveat, my roots are from Ethiopia...
  2. Madaxkuti

    Harta Sheekh in top 5 biggest cities/towns in DDSI

    Judging by google maps harta sheekh is the same size or maybe slightly bigger than Qabri Bayax meaning its now in the top 5 towns In ddsi? 1. Jigjiga 2. Godey 3. Qabridahar 4. Dhagaxbuur 5. Qabri Bayax/Harta Sheekh Feel free to edit and add more to the list
  3. Jungle79

    Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway line and Stations almost complete. Really beautiful. Please watch