1. A

    Her video title is "WHY I HATE ISLAM AND SOMALI PEOPLE"

  2. Al-Burcaawi

    Gaal feminist xaliimo throws away "ugly ass jilbaab"

    She's a living meme, what all crazy twitter xalimos aspire to be:drakelaugh: She's basically every single thing twitter xaliimos are accused of: being "reer khaniis", feminist, and murtad:russ: She's the boogeyman of sspot:mjlol:
  3. CabMax

    Another Actor Abandons Atheism

    May Allah guide more to Islam.
  4. Umm-al-Dhegdheeriyaa

    No Longer Somali

    To me, the minute you leave Islam you’re no longer Somali. The Somali gaalo, which by the way we only see online, are no longer Somali in my eyes. Islam is deeply rooted in our veins, and we were Muslims for a long long time. I can’t imagine having the privilege to believe in Allah and the...
  5. Cazzo

    Muslim Man Assaulted By Alt-right Liverpool

    I'm crying, guys :jcoleno::jcoleno:Y'all know this would be blowing up across the right-winged community if the roles were reversed. This week in Brietbart: MUSLIM MAN SEXUALLY ASSAULTS INNOCENT BRITISH WOMAN. Wallahi, gaals are literal :trash: P.S @Reer UK, is this how y'all legit talk...
  6. Kratos

    Somalispot I need help ASAP

    Ever since I started uni hooyo has been talking about marriage a lot. She says I need to flirt with some Somali girls on campus before they get snatched up. I told her I'm not interested in marriage right now and that I'll get married after I've graduated, worked for a few years and I'm...