foreign affairs

  1. Manafesto

    NEWS Somaliland region pleads to Taiwan to help them acquire their air space controll and revenues from the FGS

    Instead of going to Mogdishu to have a sit Down with their Somali FGS official the anti-Somali and Pro-foreign region choose to beg Taiwan to have their air control revenues forwarded to them lol...
  2. TekNiKo

    HILARIOUS: How a failed Swedish entrepreneur scammed Ictiraaf seekers thousands! He claimed to bring them ever elusive Ictiraaf but ended up stealing thousands for his fake School for disabled, nigga sure milked them :chrisfreshhah::chrisfreshhah...
  3. Cumar

    Abdulrahim Abby Farah passes away at the of age 98 (AUN)

    Very sad day for the Somali community. Abdulrahim Abby Farah was probably the most accomplished and decorated Somali Diplomat, he passed away in his New York home today at the age of 98. Born in the town of Barry, Wales to a Somali family originally from Berbera, his storied diplomatic career...