1. Manafesto

    Somali FOBs 13 steps/stages of Online dating and ending up as Simp Aka Husband

    I approve thus message,NOT, do you? :jcoleno::mindblown::jaynerd:
  2. CaliTedesse

    I'm tired of this shit

    Bro wallahi f*ck these FOB rappers man. Recently went on YouTube to search this King Araash maggot after @BetterDaysAhead thread Then it reminded me again the reason why I hate Somalis man Those girly fags Lil Baliil and Qare the Mask make that negga King Araash look decent wallahi Wallahi...
  3. S

    Fell in love with a fob

    I haven’t confessed to him but I cant believe I like someone from back home. He is so sweet kind and respectful. And so unlike the typical freshies. Considering he has lived in Kenya for some time that may be a factor as to why he is quite “modern”He is a good friend. And for some reason I’ve...
  4. Al-Burcaawi

    Fobs are just another breed

    waan dhintay baan idin idhi:dead:
  5. CaliTedesse

    FOB his wife gets attacked by angry women

    I just saw she is wearing see through pants kkkkkkkk all the FOB's are saying way qaawantahay kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  6. S

    I've been thinking, we should marry fobs.

    I've been to Somalia this summer and every girl I met were beautiful. I've been thinking about marrying a female fob because they are not demanding and are very obedient and would be the perfect housewife to raise your children it's also good for the children because their mother's native...
  7. DeathWish

    SOMALI FOB Attacks Prankster

    This Somali guy fights like a wrestler:lolbron: