1. Hybrid()

    FIFA 21: terrible AI defending

    It's this for real. I haven't played fifa since 2011 but I played a few times in fifa 19 with no problem. Yesterday I played FIFA 21 on PS5 and God was the gameplay horrendous. It has the worse defending I ever seen and can't seem to get grips of it at all. Was the AI defending this bad in fifa...
  2. GBTarmy

    FIFA World Cup 2022 African qualifiers draw has been announced.

  3. S

    somali gamers

    To all the somali ps4 players. Let me know if you want join the biggest somali community on ps4. We got 80+ somali players and still counting. We got somalians from australian to canada. Preview is on tweeter (somalia1960ps4). The only 2 rules are 1) No qabil & calacal bullshit 2) Respect