1. Thegoodshepherd

    ANALYSIS Demographic divergence in Somalia began 15 years ago

    As early as 15 years ago, UNICEF was noting the same pattern that appeared in their 2020 health and demographic survey. It was small with NorthWest, i.e Somaliland, at a TFR of 5.9 while Somalia as a whole was at 6.7. Already in 2006, Somaliland's fertility rate was falling behind that of...
  2. Prince Abubu

    HISTORY Sada Mire's Book 'Divine Fertility' has been published

    Divine Fertility: The Continuity in Transformation of an Ideology of Sacred Kinship in Northeast Africa (UCL Institute of Archaeology Publications) This book uniquely explores the impact of indigenous ideology and thought on everyday life in Northeast Africa. Furthermore, in highlighting the...
  3. Thegoodshepherd

    Ethiopia has a somali problem

    Somali fertility is actually rising whereas for everyone else, except the Afar, it is falling. This tells you all you need to know about how brutal Meles’s campaign against the ONLF was. The Somali region missed out on a decade of very high growth. It is making it up now it seems...