1. Manafesto

    Dear Somali Queens :"Does it bother you & triggers you beautiful Ladies when A Farah on Sspot uses Nayaa to a fellow male Inorder 2 put females down"

    I have seen this in action here on Sspot, apparently if the poster is a female or has never identified their gender and you have no way to refute their claims some of us include me restore to "Nayaa " offense. this offense is of course a way to overcome the failure, but damn it is not fair and...
  2. Manafesto

    ANALYSIS How did Somaliland end up with zero female MPs?

    How did Somaliland end up with zero female MPs? January 12, 2022 0 Voters queue outside a polling station in the Somaliland 2021 elections. Credit: Somaliland International Election Observation Mission 2021. BY CONRAD HEINE Over 30 years since declaring independence from Somalia in 1991, the...