1. 486th President

    A man who never existed had a child

    A Washington family had just had a child when the father decided to take a paternal test. When he got the results back, he was shocked. He wasn’t the father to his child. The couple decided that he’ll take a 23andMe test, and the results shocked them even more. The father was actually the...
  2. Odkac WRLD

    My Cousins Marriage Prospects ( not what you think)

    So my cuzzo, my old role model, the big bro is preparing to ask for this girls hand by meeting her dad. Real traditional. He works for a pretty well know tech company and makes serious $$$. We in Cali and the girl is UK so he gonna grab some of us his abtis in the area and talk to the dad...
  3. IftiinOfLife

    My dad left me as a child

    Like the title explains. I am now around same age he was when he emigrated to the west, and I made more money this year, then he did his entire life. Is Karma real? :pachah1: But it hit me, I am the same age range, he was when he went to start a new life and I'm miles ahead of him :ivers...
  4. A

    What a woman!!!!!!!

    We need more Somali mothers like this and we will be ok. There is a much higher chance of her children becoming bosses as a result of her being one. She must have also have a real man beside her to make sure she still achieves her dreams and provides a good role model for her children. Long...
  5. Prince Abubu

    Compulsory Reading For Qurbojoog Families

    The Negro Family: The Case For National Action
  6. U

    On Being a Somali Single Father

    A Father's Day Reflection: On Being a Somali Single Father The excerpts below are from an interview with a Somali father who was widowed when his oldest child was 6 years old and went on to raise 4 children on his own. This is an article based on a speech he gave at an event held by the...