1. Risotto

    Somali President Farmaajo Signs Media Bill

  2. abdullah233

    The USA supported Farmajos extension

    Source Africa Programme, Horn of Africa AUTHOR Paul D. WilliamsProfessor, Elliott School of International Affairs, the George Washington University Link to document this is on page 9 or 10 If true this is big because it’s a fact that international countries have the final say in Somali...
  3. DrippinglyWet

    Farmajo appoint new Head of intellegence & Mayor of Mogadishu

    HoI appointment Former Ambassador to UK, Abdullah Sanbalolshe, appointed as New head of Somalia intelligence agency. He served earlier , as the Director of the National Intelligence and Security Agency from July to September 2014. Mayor appointment Somalia's Deputy Ambassador to US, Thabit M...
  4. Prince Abubu


    Has anyone seen this? :mjlol:
  5. cantspeak

    We Should thank this women for getting Farmajo his win

    its only because of her Dua to allah that we got this man into power. “Somalia needs someone who will understand the people. We, the commoners, don’t want much. All we want is a Somali leader that gives us security and peace to do our work and live freely, I promise you we will see you as...