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  1. Manafesto

    Why Farmajo's set the country back and why his relection will further drive Somalia to it's death bed?

    FARMAJO’S RE-ELECTION WILL FURTHER DRIVE SOMALIA TO THE DEATH BED By Abdirahman Dhuxul On 8th February 2017, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo was elected as 9th president of the federal republic of Somalia. Thousands of Somalis across the world from Somalia, Kenya’s NFD & Ethiopia’s Somali region...
  2. Manafesto

    Farmaajo used to support Kenya against Somalia in the ICJ case

    This traitor who has many interests in Kenya such as owning apartments he bought with his overweight wife wanted to settle the ICJ case through negotiations with Kenya rather than through court. Since then traitor Farmaajo has been stalling the case from assigning rookie Somali lawyers to the...