1. Manafesto

    OPINION Abdirahman Baileh: Farmaajo's Money Man turns to Selling Snake Oil (Great Article)

    By Hassan Keynan Here he goes again. Somalia’s finance guru doing what he does best: mixing imagination, fiction, and deception to finance a gigantic fraud. For four years he toured the world, paid homage to the headquarters of the World Bank, IMF, and associated lender clubs. For four years...
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    Mogadishu elders threaten Farmaajo with a violence

    The high levels of corruption and nepotism in Farmaajo's government can't be ignored, apparently Farmaajo is giving all the jobs at Mogadishu airport and port to his kins from Garbahaareey and Beledxaawo and firing the local employees.
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    Do you think Farmaajo should resign?(Poll)

    I know it is practically unheard of for an African leader to resign but if he cares about the country, he will be setting a precedent and doing the honourable thing like Abdulahi Yusuf. He cant stay because the security situation is messed up. He says he's sorry but what exactly is being done...