1. Boogie

    I ate healthy and workout for 3 days nothing happened

    I ate healthy and workout for 3 days nothing happened why and I even ate more hilib and fruits
  2. Boogie

    Men come in guys

    I need advice I play basketball a lot and need to gain muscle/weight Right now I am skinny but not weak but need to gain muscle Any tips (btw I am 13) Also what u guys eat to gain weight?
  3. Exodus

    Farax’s are finished

    How’s he twerking better than her? :bell:
  4. Monisha Hershey

    TF is this

    :drakelaugh: Helt sjukt asså @Gooney112
  5. Happy_

    Xalimos of sspot, runta iska sheega....

    ... do you guys do this too? :lolbron:Kkkk our sisters from Somalia are on other level when it comes to finessing Faraxs.:drakelaugh::mjlol::russ: My cousin from Somalia told me keep you options open :trumpsmirk:, I guess the girls there chat to multiple guys (while receiving gifts and what...
  6. Jeesto

    What Somali cities/towns have you been to?

    Haye Jameecatul Sspot, how many somali cities you been to? I have visited Hargeisa Jigjiga Burco Djibouti Dir Dhabe Borama Harar(Issa Somali city:fittytousand:) Berbera Sheikh Cities/towns I wanna visit: LA Merca Cerigaabo Baraawe Mogadisho Zeilac