1. S

    MADOW girl makes song about FARAX after he CHEATS on her

    This girl found out her bf 'abdi' cheated on her and she confronted him Man said 'get out of my yard blud' as soon as he saw her :pachah1: Then she decides to make a heartbreak song about him
  2. Boogie

    I ate healthy and workout for 3 days nothing happened

    I ate healthy and workout for 3 days nothing happened why and I even ate more hilib and fruits
  3. Boogie

    Men come in guys

    I need advice I play basketball a lot and need to gain muscle/weight Right now I am skinny but not weak but need to gain muscle Any tips (btw I am 13) Also what u guys eat to gain weight?
  4. Exodus

    Farax’s are finished

    How’s he twerking better than her? :bell:
  5. Monisha Hershey

    TF is this

    :drakelaugh: Helt sjukt asså @Gooney112
  6. Happy_

    Xalimos of sspot, runta iska sheega....

    ... do you guys do this too? :lolbron:Kkkk our sisters from Somalia are on other level when it comes to finessing Faraxs.:drakelaugh::mjlol::russ: My cousin from Somalia told me keep you options open :trumpsmirk:, I guess the girls there chat to multiple guys (while receiving gifts and what...
  7. Jeesto

    What Somali cities/towns have you been to?

    Haye Jameecatul Sspot, how many somali cities you been to? I have visited Hargeisa Jigjiga Burco Djibouti Dir Dhabe Borama Harar(Issa Somali city:fittytousand:) Berbera Sheikh Cities/towns I wanna visit: LA Merca Cerigaabo Baraawe Mogadisho Zeilac