1. The alchemist

    Overpopulation, Eugenics + Capitalism

    I know this is a long video, and the fine people of Sspot may suffer from chronic short attention span, and I feel for you. But know this, this is a valuable waste of time.
  2. S


    I am a practising Muslim and I consider selective breeding for humans to be haram because it's unethical and morally wrong, but I support selective breeding for other organisms such as crops/pets/livestocks/environments ect.. I've been reading articles about eugenics and surfing forums and...
  3. Prince Abubu

    The Only Solution to Somalia

    Eugenics and genetic engineering. Family planning - no family will be allowed to have more than to kids, no matter the sex. So if you wanted two sons or a girl and a boy, but you have two girls- tough. Selective breeding - only intelligent, non-tribal, high IQ individuals will be allowed to...