1. alien

    outside your ethnicity

    If you had to marry outside your ethnicity which ethnicity would you get with. Also which ethnicity will you never get with. For me I'll get with a Rendille baddie or Midnight Nilote. I will never in my life go for a White person. No matter their background or culture.
  2. F


    Choose what you prefer.
  3. S


    If you don’t want to marry the person from your ethnicity or date them is it self-hating?
  4. 4head

    This video made me cry

    It's not usual that i cry but this video just reminded me how great and beautiful our people is! Long live Somalis and i'm sorry if i seemed a self hater. I'm a proud somali
  5. Guts

    Is Somalia ethnically diverse or homogeneous?

    I saw this map on google and wondered why Somalia was seen as an ethnically diverse country by researchers. I have been in Somalia and almost all people i have seen are all full somali but it's still seen as ethnically diverse by other people. If you look at this map it says that France, UK and...
  6. Jodeci

    Stolen: How Yemenis stole Somali food and culture

    We all know Somalis influenced the people around them since the start of time. But did you know how much of an influence we had on our Yemeni neighbors? They won't speak about this because they want to steal our food to make money off it. Go to any Yemeni restaurant and see for yourself. Here...
  7. Jodeci

    Why Somalis shouldn't name their daughters non Somali names

    So I know you are wondering , why Jodeci? Why not name our daughters some exotic names. Well here is an example, do you know the City of Berlin somehow became a Somali name. What important event happened in Berlin in the past? :lolbron: So that event that destroyed Africa is being...
  8. Xooshdheere

    Ethnicity Challenge with The Modern Somali Family

  9. ReeBorama

    Full blooded Somaliyad or not?

    So I found this pretty exotic looking thing on youtube while watching my girl Nostallgia in DC, and I swear I actually thought she was Ethiopian or Eri. I then clicked on her Ethnicity Tag vid and Woillaaaaa, baam, :lawd: :diddyass::banderas: There is somethin about her Hashtag Free the...