1. Shk_ljh”630

    Most athletic horners

    I was at a large gathering of East Africans playing basketball at me local lifetime and idk why but I wonder who is the most athletic group of East Africans on average? I’m not including kenyans because to be honest, they shit on us, skinny but surprisingly robust and they were just blasting...
  2. Helios

    UPDATE The Associated Press and the Washington Post Now Report on Missing Soldiers

    Here is the WP article below No more "Sahan fake news" :icon lol:
  3. NoSafety

    Mr. Cheese got HUMILIATED in Eritrea

    They put the Eri and Ethio president's pics on the same level but Mr. Cheese's one was put lower :ftw9nwa: What a cucked nation :yloezpe:
  4. CaliTedesse

    LOL Eritreans throwing rocks at Dutch cops

    Wtf my despriction of Habeshi men is completely right at best they are 1.70 meters in height.
  5. CaliTedesse

    I am liking the sound of Kush

    It rings sweetness to my ears and soul. I just feel part of it. Like I've been seperated from this term for centuries. it is my identity. I am Kush, I breath Kush, I live Kush. My dream is Kush. My life is Kush. I long for Kush. I die for Kush. Who am I? I am Kush. صومال ابن كوش...
  6. Nilotufian

    GUYS it is really happening hsbdhdbdhdh

    Cushite Awakening. :lawd::rejoice::salute::banderas::ahh::friendhug:
  7. CaliTedesse

    Are Habesha cushitic?

    I've recently seen many people claim that. In the past they were branded as Semitic, but since that is a language group and with the release of more genetic information and knowledge pertaining to their DNA I see them getting branded as Semitic speaking Cushites? Can someone explain this?
  8. CaliTedesse

    Hope Sudan survives these protests

    Somalis are biggest haters since Somalia has become a shithole. They want every other country especially Arab country to become a shithole as well. Sudan are our brothers and sisters and their women are beautiful ( light skin ones). Other countries I can understand, but to me Sudan has to...
  9. CaliTedesse

    AFRICAN INTELLIGENCE: Ethiopia and Eritrea will replace AMISOM forces.,108337477-bre
  10. Grigori Rasputin

    Eritrea president visiting Somalia

    This should be banned outright, the boooty shaking. It’s precisely what let Africa down. In every video out of Africa these people break out this mindless dancing like the xoolo they are. Meanwhile in civilized world people welcome dignitaries to their industry and ingenuity. They take them to...
  11. CaliTedesse

    Special Report: Winners and Losers in Horn of Africa
  12. CaliTedesse

    Advice to some Somali brothers

    Don't give s too much attention or make a donkey feel like a horse. If you give a donkey too much attention it might start thinking it's a horse. I see many of you opening threads about yiin or s who are average not knowing the fact you opened a thread about them makes you seem...
  13. CaliTedesse

    Horn of Africa is becoming great again

    Land of Punt is back
  14. DrippinglyWet

    UN-Monitoring Group says we had found no links between Al Shabaab and Eritrea

    Years of sanctions and embargo on Eritrea and unnecessary tension and animosity created by Ethiopia between our nations on a unfounded LIE, Afwerki already called it years ago but the IC shunned him. I could see a fruitful friendship between both countries hope it isn't to late:wow1:
  15. Prince Abubu

    I was just watching a documentary...

    ...on aljazeera about Eritrean refugees in Sinai. I swear it makes you question if these Arabs are even human. Imagine hearing your little sister getting raped and tortured. :mindblown: This what I mean when I say we should disassociate ourselves from these beasts.
  16. Prince Abubu

    I don't understand...

    ...why Somalia is in the Arab League? I met an Eritrean family the other day and they started speaking to me in Arabic. I didn't know they were xabashi, I assumed they were Sudani. It got me thinking, why is Somalia considered an Arab country when we have our own language and customs and the...
  17. Prince Abubu

    UAE's plan to encircle Somali territories In case you haven't noticed, United Sand-...