1. Reformed J

    NEWS Jean-Luc Brunel, Jeffrey Epstein associate accused of pimping girls to financier, found hanged in Paris prison -- video cameras NOT on

    https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1568644/Jean-Luc-Brunel-dead-latest-prison-cell-hanged-Jeffrey-Epstein-conspiracy He was named by Virginia Guiffre as one of her abusers, and accused of recruiting THOUSANDS of girls for Epstein's ring through his "modeling" companies
  2. Prince Abubu

    Do Oromo People Exist?

    I've never seen these mofos outside of Somaliland/Somalia. How come if there's so many of them, I've never seen them in the UK? Even the ones in HRG are probably just funny-talking Dir. #OromoConspiracy