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  1. GAZA

    Africa Appreciation Thread

    My favourite african foods My favourite african civilizations The mighty Adal Empire The Sokoto Caliphate The most influential of all of them the ancient egyptians Last month was november black history month in both the statea and the uk. Sorry for the lateness of the thread ps no...
  2. Medulla

    Great Website to learn the mother language

    http://learn101.org/oromo.php How much is this? kun gatiin meeqa? See many similarities such as this one above exists, if you can speak somali already in six months you'll be able to speak oromoo fluently. There isn't any audio right now but that is coming soon I'll keep you guys updated we...
  3. CaliTedesse

    Can DNA results be taken serious

    I mean you know when you see a Ethiopian girl or whatever take a test and they get 25% Middle Eastern, 30% North African etc. I mean how far can these results be taken serious? Does someone understand my question. How did for example the person get 25% Middle Eastern. Does she have Middle...
  4. Nilotufian

    GENETICS Hmm the new 23andme Update

    It says that the phrase "dhakan celis" (sp) is arabic?o_O I'm suddenly .2 Sudanese out of nowhere :ohhh::ohreally::ohreally: I guess I got that Nile Valley royalty in my DNA :diddyass:
  5. B

    Professor describes early arab encounter with Bantus

  6. Ahmed Alawi

    Somalia's GDP is terrible for its population, even in African standards

    GDP by African country 1. Zambia, 19.55 billion USD 2. Zimbabwe, 16.29 billion USD 3. Senegal, 14.77 billion USD 4. Mali, 14.05 billion USD 5. Burkina-Faso, 12.2 billion USD 6. Chad, 9.601 billion USD 7. South Sudan, 9.015 billion USD 8. Benin, 8.583 billion USD 9. Rwanda, 8.376 billion...