1. Calaami

    Reports of heroin circulating in Mogadishu drug markets

    I’ve heard of fake pills, weed, etc. But heroin is a different beast entirely. How is it getting into the city? Is ciyaal weero responsible? Is Somalia turning into The Wire?

    Quitting all drugs ;(

    Yesterday night was laced and had a seizure infront of parents. Couldn't even say shahdah (i did try) words wouldn't come out normal. Very lucky it wasn't my time. No long term damage either thank allah. Been laced before never this bad was eye opening feeling hopeless your parents crying...
  3. G

    Ramla tell us about her adventures in London

    Blease Exblain dis to me.:gucciwhat: This is very disturbing behavior. I thought this a few people, apparently it’s an epidemic.:farmajoyaab:
  4. CaliTedesse

    Scandinavian Somalis soo gala: Snus

    How do you Scandinavians use snuss? I tried it, it's very nasty
  5. AarHawd_7

    Detailed report about the Camden Madow vs Somali beef

    How London’s Camden Lock became a flashpoint for knife gang killings The area is at the heart of a brutal battle which has left vulnerable teenagers dead and whole communities in fear. They emerge at dusk, gathering on the corner of Queen’s Crescent and Weedington Road. Lookouts are stationed...
  6. A

    I got sniff kulaha

    :russ::russ::russ::russ: Drunk looking Somali asking if Niko wants drugs at 06:45 to 07:30.
  7. B

    Don't do drugs

    or you could end up like this :ileycry: