1. A

    Why are Somalis such parasites?

    I am never again hanging around Somalis in my life they leech off you like a parasite, extort the shit out of you if they know you have money. Try to use you in every way possible and just suck the life out of you. Somalis are lazy, uneducated, they don't want to work. I am full Somali and I...
  2. ArchBishopofAtheism

    Who here drinks?

    I came across quite a few members who say they drink socially. What are your views on it? How often do you do it and what kind of drinks do you have?
  3. Bohol

    What is your favourite drink (non alcoholic)?

    Mine is Guava. I am a Guava addict, even when I was in Sland on holiday I always use to order fresh Guava juice in restaurants.