1. O

    Men really are dogs...

    500 guys plotting on one woman 💀 Nothing gayer then coming together and collecting ayuto/habgad to impress other guys. Too much gaajo, rafad and animals in the uk :wow: Can't wait to leave this god forsaken island
  2. Manafesto

    NEWS Lorry Driver in Somaliland arrested and truck impounded after running over two expensive dogs imported from Germany with an EU Passport

    I can't stop laughing at this, I bet if someone run over Southern Somalis in bright day light in Hargeisa no one would have went to jail for it unlike this story right here.:draketf: Anyway, these two supposedly to be well trained were run over by one of the khat importers in SL. The owner...
  3. The Somali Caesar

    Robo Cop Dog in New York

    Yo This shit don’t even look real. It actually look like some CGI shit, which is scary AF. I bet Some MF would hack them so they can turn against them Opps. Plus can I just say what a waste of taxpayers money :mjlol: :pachah1:
  4. alien


    The brits bred a dog that has no anus and can't poop and has no legs. It looks so ugly
  5. Cartman

    Why cats are better than dogs

  6. B

    Dog enters mosque!

    look at them run funniest shit ever :pachah1:
  7. ALittleBitItalian

    Somalis and dogs

    Can someone actually explain to me why so many somalis are scared of dogs? And don't try and use that "It's a haram dirty animal, God commands u to stay away from it". Cool, I get that. One thing is to keep calm and actively not instigate drama between you and the specific canine, but some...