do people actually read the tags?

  1. 486th President

    Post Your Actual Height Not Your Fake One Innit

    My actual height is Now tell us your height Too many of y’all say that your 6’3 and that you have chiseled abs and humongous naasoo :damedamn: nigga say nothing but the truth :ileycry:
  2. DeathWish

    Can Guys and Girls Be Friends?

    Do you agree with these Xalimos? This is a new podcast by educated Xalimos. Please support them, walaalayaal!! What is your opinion on this podcast? If you have any questions, this is their social media:
  3. government

    Test your language knowledge

    My score was 650 I've got vitnames and Afrikaans and finish wrong
  4. ethan bradberry

    Why do salafis hate sufis?

    I've noticed that salafis don't like sufis, some of them even claim sufis commit biddah.
  5. Carré

    Are you future oriented?

    Hi friends, Back when I was a little man, I used to spend a lot of time thinking of how my future would turn out. I used to think of what I'll do in my 20s, 30s, 40s, and even in my 60s. Little me always went through the different majors I could see myself studying in a university, what kind of...