North Korean dissident group called "Free Joseon" claims responsibility for raid on embassy in Madri

    Yesterday, a North Korean group known as "Free Joseon" has claimed responsibility for the attack on the DPRK embassy in Spain on February 22, 2019, after its members were exposed by Spanish high judges as having been a team of 10 non Spanish Korean speakers.
  2. Cumar

    Abdulrahim Abby Farah passes away at the of age 98 (AUN)

    Very sad day for the Somali community. Abdulrahim Abby Farah was probably the most accomplished and decorated Somali Diplomat, he passed away in his New York home today at the age of 98. Born in the town of Barry, Wales to a Somali family originally from Berbera, his storied diplomatic career...
  3. T

    Importance of Somalia building non predatory relationships

    :jaynerd: I've been noticing a trend of foreign relationships where Somalia is being abused thoroughly abused. UAE/Qatar links toward funding terror groups & bribing politicians. Kenya putting a stooge in Jubbaland who aids in abusing Somalis along with contested waters & sugar smuggling &...