1. AarHawd_7

    BREAKING NEWS: Nasteexo exposes Liyah Mai falsely claiming to be SOMALI

    Everyone using “Somali” for clout these days smh
  2. AarHawd_7

    Brethern cuffed by a hoe!

    Me and my other nigga are going through a hard time brothers. Our Faarax brother is in love with his hoe he used to sleep around with. He denied it for months but admitted it to us today. R.I.P the broski. We had our suspicions months. It was couple of months ago I just decided to go to Nandos...
  3. A


    f*ck THE MOTHERS AND FATHERS THAT PERSIST WITH THESE DANGEROUS SO CALLED FUCKING TRADITION. https://amp.theguardian.com/global-development/2018/jul/20/10-year-old-girl-death-fgm-female-genital-mutilation-somalia AUN.
  4. A

    Somali Stepmom abuses stepchild

    This women knew the man had children before marrying him, why is she now hating on the child. Anyone man who condones this from his partner is a cuck and deserves stoning. This video has got my blood pressure high, I would make an exception to my no beating women rule and send her to her...
  5. TheMadMullah

    What is behind the Rise of Somali S in the west?

    For years now the the rise of somali s has been on sharp and steady increase in the west. What could be the cause? as the others muslim communities are not really equally affected, despite the fact that some have stayed longer than us in the west. NO emotions plz just be rational!