1. IftiinOfLife

    Why are all Somalis depressed in 2019, and other things I observed

    Hooyoyinkaa: 40 and up, have a bunch of kids, live on whatssapp sending each other the latest gossip, looking to buy a house in turkey or go back to Somalia, wants you to join their ayuuto. Hoodrats: You got the yoinging hoodrat whose impressionable and easily mislead, because their older...
  2. Umm-al-Dhegdheeriyaa


    I’m pretty sure there are so many posts like this but I thought I’d add to them anyways. Somali parents, not all of course, don’t really bother to look at a child’s mental health in anyway whatsoever. They’d rather a child be having excellent grades while in education, appear to be religious on...
  3. I

    Depression in the Somali community

    How prevalent do you think it is?