1. Manafesto

    OPINION Former Somali Defense minister " You can't compare Deni to Farmaajo, Deni's achievement and performance in PL makes him the best man for the job"

    I will try to summerize this long interview by the former defence minister of TFG Indhacade on Deni's presidential race to Villa Somalia. Indhacade starts with that Farmaajo and his N&N operate as a ruthless Mafia group, Indhacade adds that Siciid Deni can't be compared to Farmaajo since Deni...
  2. Manafesto

    NEWS Puntland pilot elections faces critics on social media

    I don't know why Reer Mogdishu,Somalilanders, Reer Ghetto and crackers like to include them selves in literally every little thing on social media regarding our eedo Honorable lady Ilhan, but this one takes of the cake, An MJ(Puntite) American Congress women from Puntite majority state of MN...
  3. Milano Ahmed

    NEWS Somali Federal Government and FMS disputes [Mega thread]