1. Metal Magician

    MOVIES & TV Biden’s true face

    I voted for Trump like many of my friends; I knew Biden was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
  2. Calaf

    NEWS Official US Presidential Election 2020 Thread

    With less then 13 days left, the world is watching the United States of America. Will we see a Trump return or a Biden Win? Will Swing states be a major factor in the loss of Trump or the Win of Biden...

    Biden really said this...

    What circular firing squad? There's only 2 candidates!
  4. Awdalia Rising

    Democrat Release LGBT gay dude Anti-Trump Ad on TV

    Khaniis running for office in Maryland releases ad of him kissing his boyfriend with 2 random black kids sitting next to them and says “Take that trump” :gucciwhat: Wtf is wrong with Democrats “Take that trump” kulaha, was your LGBT kiss suppose to do some ting? This is how Democrat’s...
  5. Helios

    Democratic Debate

    It was a pretty solid debate for the Democrats and I'd say the 3 biggest winners were Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, and Pete Buttigieg in my opinion. Pete got caught lacking a few times when he got grilled on his race record but I think he recovered well. Biden is looking washed up and...
  6. Bilal410

    Gulf Arabs hiring trolls and propaganda firms to attack Ilhan Omar Its not just Ilhan but also the Muslim demsthat got elected to the US house.