debt relief

  1. Pastoralist

    Hassan greatest achievements so far

    -Debt relief 2012-2022 -EAC economic bloc (despite all the negative, it does help Somalia economically) -Turkish naval pact to secure our coast -Successful counteroffensive on lower shabelle (To be continued) -creating deal with turkey to train Somali troops which was later used 2017-2022 -xamar...
  2. Pastoralist

    The two men responsible for debt relief

    I see a lot of misinfo about this. So to clear things up. Hassan sheikh started the process, to that we owe him credit. But if he had stayed president the relief would never be completed. Hassan Ali Khaire and Abdirahman Beileh made debt relief possible. And farmaajo is to thank for employing...
  3. kickz

    Dr Beileh first Somali official to speak at Brookings Institute in 40 years

    Didn't know he got a PHD in Economics from University of Wisconsin :salute: