1. Karim

    New DDSI ministers and their Tribes.

    President:. Mustafe Maxamed Omar- Ogaden, Reer Isaaq 1.Vice Presisent- Aadan Faarax Daahir- Ciise 2.Irrigation MiniatMi; Bashiir Shaafi- Ogaden, Reer Cabdille Reer Aamaadin 3.Finance Minister, Bubashir Dubad- Jidwaaq, Abaskuul 4.Chief of staff - Xassan Dhaadhi- Bartire 5.Education Minister-...
  2. Karim

    Who's the NEW president of DDSI??

    The executive and council members of ESPDP named a new acting president to lead Ethiopia’s Somali regional state. Mustafa Muhumed Omar (Cagjar) was picked as the new president of the regional state. The new president, Mustafa Muhumed will hold the office until 2020 when the next presidential...
  3. Sheikh

    The Full Historic story of the Sultanate of Harar.

    Wa billahi tawfiq the Sultanate of Harar was founded and ruled by my adeer Amir Nur Mujahid AUN. He built historic walls that surround the city of Harar today. He lead all the Muslims into Jihad against the Christian Ethiopia and he won. And he is the main reason today Somalis in Somali Galbeed...
  4. Thegoodshepherd

    Ethiopia has a somali problem

    Somali fertility is actually rising whereas for everyone else, except the Afar, it is falling. This tells you all you need to know about how brutal Meles’s campaign against the ONLF was. The Somali region missed out on a decade of very high growth. It is making it up now it seems...
  5. Cumar

    Large Anti-Iley Protests in Tog Wajaale and Ayesha, DDSI leave several dead, dozens injured

    News starts at 2:50 in the video above. 2 Dead (AUN) and 20 injured in Togwajaale. 1 injured in Ayesha. May Allah's wrath and fury fall upon the Liyuu Police Murtaddiin Dogs and their supporters. Ameen.

    Jigjiga Looks Great

    Jigjiga Stadium looks as good or better then Mogadishu Will need to drop by that town some time in the future!!!
  7. Jeesto

    Ethiopia says Somaliland displaced tousands of oromos

    They attack and kill our people and then want to accuse us of displacing their people(who're there illegally):kodaksmiley::bell: Ethiopia accused a semi-autonomous territory in neighboring Somalia of illegally displacing more than 3,000 long-term Oromo residents in the wake of clashes on the...
  8. Simodi

    Awbarre Won Faafan Regional Cup. DDSI

    Last Week Awbarre won Faafan Regional Cup Mashallah
  9. Madaxkuti

    Harta Sheekh in top 5 biggest cities/towns in DDSI

    Judging by google maps harta sheekh is the same size or maybe slightly bigger than Qabri Bayax meaning its now in the top 5 towns In ddsi? 1. Jigjiga 2. Godey 3. Qabridahar 4. Dhagaxbuur 5. Qabri Bayax/Harta Sheekh Feel free to edit and add more to the list
  10. Jungle79

    Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway line and Stations almost complete. Really beautiful. Please watch