1. The Somali Caesar

    Little white girl slays the Afrobeat dance

    White kids are becoming more cultured :mjlol:
  2. The Somali Caesar

    Somali disco fever era

  3. angelplan

    Djibouti somalis dancing on another LEVEL

  4. The alchemist

    Funny Stuff

  5. The alchemist

    Russian meme

    Russians, man.
  6. Guts

    Somali oday in kenya does something unexpected...

    Since when did odayaals learn how to dance :gucciwhat::pachah1::russ: Instead of freeing themselves siju's decide to dance to Madow music :damn::drakewtf:
  7. Guts

    New somali music

    So we went from bac kasi to ii saar and now we have finally come to the ultimate tallo ma kuu siya jaas (dancing alien remix) :pachah1::russ: wallahi this is some next level shit :farmajoyaab:
  8. Monisha Hershey

    ★One of the best Somali dancers★

    + a hindi dance choreography★ & Don't forget the dancers in Somalia Ku yaaca! :obama:
  9. Zach


    Did you parents put you in dance classes? So I did from 3 to 7 Ballet And from 7 to 15 Hip Hop But after I got 15 or mature it was haram? Like they put me there so I don’t get fat, they said but like, why? Du your parents do that? Like put you somewhere were you are not anymore because of...
  10. H

    Why are Jamaican dance and music very explicit

    Shenseea starts squirting @2:06 :russ:
  11. A

    Bohol showing off his wadanni dance moves

    @Bohol :mjlaugh:
  12. Xooshdheere

    c/weli gaas dancing

  13. Xooshdheere

    Gif of Gaas doing dhaanto

    :pachah1:I can't stop laughing. :mjlol:
  14. Dangopopcorn

    Somali Folkdance

    Somali tradional dances are littttt!!! What's your favorite and are you any good at it? I honestly love goobile goobilow Don't know the actual steps but it's fun to watch Niiko gets an honorary mention Anyone that's going to list dhaanto can leave
  15. Prototype

    Party music archives. Songs to dance to.

    Eid night tonight and you already know the parties are gonna be LITTTTTTTTTTT everywhere :lawd: post the songs that make you :dance::dj: no matter what your mood is Me I love Afrobeats. I can't sit still while these songs play man. :dance: Just listen to this :dj: on full blast:ahhhh...