1. Odkac WRLD

    Funniest Dabcasar clip of all time probably.

    When the kid puts a gun to his head, man really said "niinkan habar gidir miyaa?". :mjlol::mjlol::mjlol::mjlol: Post funny clips of the GOAT.
  2. DRACO

    A very angry Dabcasar returns!

    Dabcasar calls for boycott of Dahabshil & Hormuud Dabs calls for bombing and terror to overthrow SL president Muse Bihi. Oh lord:pachah1::deadrose:

    Dabcasar Abusing reer Mogadishu. Brave reer Mogadishu Responds


    Dabcasar on his deathbed, Pray for dabs

    I never knew this man was so popular, for goodness sakes!!! I thought this guy was like dahir alasow but he clearly is far bigger. The guy is a damn star!!! Why did this guy get so popular for!!! I can't wait to see his Puntland reception. That will be interesting, they will be holding him up...
  5. Tywin Mejerteen

    Somali spy gets karbashed by the mandem

    Never work for the opps :hahaidiot:
  6. S

    Dabcasar reacting to female Somali singers °GOLD°

    Hands down best Somali reactor. Subxanallah :dead:
  7. Rooble

    I'm here to spread Christianity in Hargeisa