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    Only in America

    An AFrican American man who had nothing to do with the murder of 3 police offers is about to be executed tonight
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    Name and shame criminals

    This thread will be dedicated to Somali criminals across the globe. Please post their name, location and crime they committed. It’s important that we start naming and shaming the criminals in our community and also keep a record of them just incase they want to start again. Name: Omar Jamal...
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    Somalis stop doing crimes! It is cost ambitious somalis and today I had to witness the effect of it

    It was a brilliant Xalimo, with near perfect grade and so I pretty I would have corrupted:mjpls: If it wouldn't be unethical and get the HR es on my black behind:jcoleno: I watched her enter for an interview a few weeks ago and gave her my number if she need any help or instructions. I...