1. Smokybob03

    Reer London, is this your people? Schoolboy gets kidnapped in public and no one helps the victim

    Happened in Northolt west London. Camerman is very very confused , don’t know why he is arguing public instead of doing anything
  2. Manafesto

    NEWS Gang rape,murder,drugs and Smuggling exotic animals dominated the top crimes commited in Somaliland In 2020 according to SL human rights watch report

    Somaliland needs to tackle the widespread gang rape, murder and drug abuse engulfing it's community, within the last few years the unrecognized and self alienated NW region of Somalia became known as the rape capital of Somalia suppressing the chaotic southern Somalia and other FMS.
  3. Cerberus

    18 year old Yahye Ahmed Mohamed, was killed in Minneapolis during a robbery attempt.

    Yahye Ahmed Mohamed,
  4. Cerberus

    Two Somali Hijabi women assaulted and beaten in Edmonton Canada in broad daylight
  5. T

    How dangerous is London

    It apparently has the worst crime rate by far in the UK. Is it even safe walking on a street in london cause the knife crime there is so bad.
  6. IftiinOfLife

    100 Somali fathers meet in Toronto to stop gang violence (CBC News)

    JUST FUCKING KIDDING Ok sorry for the bait and switch, but how come I only see Somali women going around trying to solve shit about their stupid sons killing each other, where are the abos? Why can't you make a fucking organization. I was reading that thread about the moms uniting yet again...
  7. nomand

    PUNTLAND Puntland's Forensic Science Bureau

    :liberaltears::chrisfreshhah::russ: I needed this today hahaha.
  8. SLMan990

    Dumb wannabe thug somali wanted by mpd
  9. SLMan990

    Somali men found not guilty after of sex trafficking after lying Somali Woman exposed in court The cop lied as well.
  10. A

    Modern day Somali slave master I don't agree with what the boy done but 14 years for what other people get 4 years for is fucked up. How could he forced them to be there when he isn't even...
  11. S

    Don't hold your phone out in London

    People really out here snatching phones :russ:
  12. Jodeci

    The Somali unsolved murders are the fault of Somali men.

    My post from the other thread, which I feel can be more expanded on.
  13. Waxwaalan

    Geeljire father & quran teacher visciously stabbed to death & left for dead in stockholm suburb

    The man had apparently just left his kids at daycare before he was attacked most likely by another geeljire in the Tensta suburb. Witnesses say they saw a struggle between two men & suddenly one ran away & the other collapsed bleeding from neck/throat. He later died of his injuries. He was...