1. DRACO

    Breaking : Hundreds of Ethiopian soldiers Invade SWS under Farmaajo's command.

    Failmajo is a coward thats why he gets Abiy to his dirty work for him while Hamadein pays Abiy on behalf of him. I'm not lying you will see this in Wikileaks in a few years time .
  2. Lancer

    40 days since the liberation of Tukaraq

    Gas quickly runs away when he's asked about Tukaraq. Seems like the big boy has finally come to terms with it. :icon lol:
  3. Prince Abubu

    Man of The People

    My Future Prime Minister.:salute: Theresa May fleeing the backlash
  4. SultanuuFicaan

    Habesha used to remove the breasts/arms of the Oromo people during Menelik Conquests

    In the nineteenth century, the Amhara people, who considered themselves the successor to the ancient Christian kingdom of Aksum with roots going back 2,000 years, attempted to consolidate their rule over other ethnic groups including the Oromo, who were concentrated in the country’s south. The...