1. Risotto

    Puntland state minister succumbs to COVID-19

  2. Awdalia Rising

    Putin Is Hilarious

    3 Russian doctors fell out of windows separately after each complained of lack of masks and other things :dead: :pachah1: And now a whole hospital with corona patients went up in flames :damn: Putin’s method seems to be to gather them in one place and burn them alive :mjkkk:
  3. tyrannicalmanager

    Innovative student in kismayo creates a handwash and soap dispenser that activates by foot pedal

    this is prove that education could save lives
  4. lalayariis

    I’m developing a cough

    Chills, runny nose, fatigue, and loss of hunger and now a cough that is starting to develop. My chest hurt yesterday like a sharp pain, but I thought it was from the pneumonia I had 2 months ago. I think I might be getting corona y’all. Now I have a cough and a slight wheeze with exhale. My...
  5. lalayariis

    Covid-19 lowkey scares me

    I’m an essential worker right now, but I’m also immunocompromised and got asthma lmao. I don’t think it’ll affect me as I’m young, but seeing so many people dying that are kids and alone in hospitals is unsettling.

    BREAKING NEWS BORIS JOHNSON TESTS POSITIVE FOR CORONA the great lion of the tory party Boris Mehmetson has tested positive for...
  7. Awdalia Rising

    Master of Disinformation Vladimir Putin Strikes Again

    This time the master of Misinformation is claiming Russia has 0 deaths linked with COVID-19 :drakekidding: Look at Putin in his fancy suit kkk Either Putin is saying corona skipped over Russia like this Or he is claiming Russia medical industry is the only place in the world that’s making...
  8. N

    3.5 million Iranians might die if quarantines are not imposed!

    Researchers at the respected Sharif University of Technology in Tehran have created a computer simulator to test different scenarios for the further spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, across Iran.They concluded that in a best-case scenario — in which the government...
  9. Awdalia Rising

    TRUMP wants to give everybody at least $1,000 check as soon as possible :trumpsmirk::trumpsmirk: Trump 2020 baby
  10. Nak Muay

    Skipping Uni/work/school tomorrow?

    Some UK unis/schools are still open. RIP anyone on public transport or in a closed environment with corona Zs . My entire campus is overrun by ch*nk coofer sneezing and f.cking wheezing everywhere, spreading their plague. Easily 10-20 of them in my course alone, some probably from Hubei. Who's...
  11. Awdalia Rising

    Trump does 180 turn and adds Gaajo UK to #TravelBan

  12. Medulla

    BREAKING NEWS Coronavirus Epidemic News Updates

    As most of you guys may know coronavirus is another killer diseases china is at fault for cause they can't help but have no real regulations on meat or any of their industries . SARS in 2002 ( 600 people died) and now coronavirus in 2020 it's like the chinese goverment thinks only poor people...