corona virus

  1. N

    Pray for One

    I think my sis number @one aka Cawo Cawlo is taken down by the Chinese virus:( I can’t get in touch with her! Please pray for her:yloezpe::i83dwbv:
  2. Aurelian

    What wrong with Somalis?

    Why the hell we are the most community with coronavirus cases? Where are those who was saying " Coronavirus don't effect black ppl" :damn:
  3. Genesis

    Are you going to be fasting during COVID-19?

    So with the coronavirus and everything else, are you gonna be fasting during the Pandemic? I still will as I'm just indoors all day, but if your working it's a bit different. Some people I know who have to work during the Pandemic, say that you're working in a field like healthcare - you should...
  4. Odkac WRLD

    Tiger at Bronx Zoo gets Corona from a worker. This 4 yr old female tiger got COVID19 from a worker who tested positive. Though this was a human to animal transmission, there is uncertainty as to whether animals can transmit...
  5. Prince Abubu

    Cadaan Woman Quarantines Herself On Socotra Island

    She's gonna infect the whole island.:damn:
  6. kickz

    Somalia bans all International flights until April to stop spread of Corona virus

    Insha Allah they can contain this now, before it spreads.